Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogging friend's Weekly Wrap up Jan 14-24th 2011

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Christy over at Adventures in motherhood had a lot to say this week!
She vented on My daughter hates books! her curious to, gets a kick out of destroying the children's library, maybe you have some suggestions on protecting the books but still making them accessible to the older children. She wrote a heartfelt post about why people get offended when doing things differently than us with their children on I am not a bully mom and neither are you! a very needed post amidst all the negative comments about Mayim Bialik being added to the bloggers over at Today Moms.
She Vented again on You're being Spammy! Someone on her friend's list most likely offended with her new found passion for expressing her views, got report button happy and Facebook took away her privilege to promote her own blog on her own status feed. I am happy to report it has been restored. I am crunchy because I am lazy is a quirky tale of how she became the definition on a "crunchy mom" for two reasons, convenience and cost.. something most mainstream mothers would be very surprised about!

Rainbow Over at Confessions of an earthy young mom, talks about Elimination Communication on Bottom Business and how she will be trying that path, and also touches a very IMPORTANT subject, car seat safety! She also wrote about Baby Yoga and posted her thoughts about mommy wars in Don't Attack me: The mom battle

Joella at Dear Delilah Fine and Fair wrote a review for her Featured Friday Segment, for the Baby be mine belly band. Shared her new found button making skills on I'll grab yours if you'll grab mine. complete with a link so you can make your own! Managed to keep peace in the football community with A fair Compromise? and today wrote about her Not so manic Monday.

Shelly at All American Momma has been actively participating in project 365, check out her cute pictures!

Atina over at Harmony and All that Jazz Wrote a great piece on the differences of opinion between mothers on Yep, I went there

Tanya and ROckin' Momma wrote I am lazy therefore I breastfeed and a new perspective about facebook's flag happy community on Hey Facebook enough with the Witch trials!

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