Tuesday, February 15, 2011

IM friends.. Monday February 14th, 2011.

Exciting, week.. we just got our first diaper to review and are networking with other companies for Spreading the fluffy love, Our ultimate goal is to have easier access to cloth diapers to families that do need them and in order to build that network we must connect with work at home moms and other parents regardless of their cloth diapering needs. For now we try to use the page to bring deals to you and we will be doing giveaways... in the future we'd like it to have enough people to start the real work, swapping diapers, donating them etc..  so head on over!

And here's our weekly review!

Over at Rockin Mama Blog Tanya took some time off, she did write 1 "non mommy" related blog called The Problem With Immigration.

This week on Adventures in  Mommyhood Christy covered how quickly babies can change in What a difference a day (or 2) can make! She wrote about her High Needs baby growing into a High Needs child in DUH! He's a High Needs Child.  She blogged about her quest into the realm of Gentle Discipline in What is Gentle Discipline Anyways?   She asked her baby girl Tubs to please slow down and stay a baby just a little bit longer in her WW post Wordless Wednesday: Please Slow Down! She confessed that she sometimes dislikes cloth diapers in I have a Confession.....  and finally she followed up on her What is Gentle Discipline post with the post This is Where the Healing Begins-Letting Go of Perfection where she talked about her need to let go of trying to be the "perfect mom".

This week over at Fine and Fair Joella discussed on of her biggest parenting needs in My Parenting Must-Have: Support which was part of the February Carnival of Natural Parenting: Parenting Essentials.  For her Whats What Wednesday post she covered the basics of cloth diapering?: What's What Wednesday: Cloth Diapering Basics  She wrote a beautiful post about choosing love and the strong emotions tied with the words "love" and "hate" in Choose Love.  For her Feature Item Friday post she had LuSa Baby Wipes:  Featured Item Friday: LuSa Baby Wipe Juice  She wrote a cute little letter to her daughter about how much her daughter enjoys the word "NO" in the Antidote to No and finally she wrote a beautiful Valentine's Day post to her daughter in You Make My Heart Sing.

This week at Confessions of an earthy young mom, Rainbow wrote about the other side of 'gender appropriate' toys, and if only letting children play with certain toys is necessary or harmful in Boys PLAY with Monster Trucks, Girls Play with Barbies. She covered the issue of mothers feeling the need to tell little white lies to each other in A Little Lie Wont Hurt. She posted a beautiful video of a birth montage (an inspiring video!), which proved to be controversial when posting the video on facebook. And lastly she posted about whether or not parents and modern toys are discouraging imaginative play, and the importance of imaginative play in Imaginative Play Out The Window? (with great links for some awesome natural toys!)

Harmony and all that Jazz wrote a mom confession! She realized this thanks to Days of our lives ;)

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