Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spreading the fluffy love winners...

Ok, Whew! This was the first time I ran a contest such as this! I made up some rules I had seen on other giveaways, but then i got confused, and then some people I think weren't getting it.. totally my fault I have glitches to fix..

In order to be fair and not just randomly select whichever comment and making sure everyone got their entries in, I had to make a spreadsheet with all of you and your entries for example the first one tweeted a lot and completed other requirements so she got numbers 1-12, second one 13-15 <--3 entries.. etc..  I used random.org then to pick a number and whoever had that number range won.

here's the spreadsheet I am talking about

The ones Highlighted in green were the people who did not cloth diaper those were 15 out of 44 of you!
The ones in Yellow are our Cloth pros or those who already have some cloth.

The winner for the people who already cloth is..

waiting for baby
she told..
"we love cloth diapering because it is best for our baby, super easy, extra cute, and good for the environment. We are saving lots of $$$ and can use our stash for all of our future children "

Congratulations! you will be contacted via E-mail

And the Winner for the Non-cloth diaperers is..

I must say in reading all the stories this was one that touched me, by no means did it influence anything as there were other touching testimonies and I wish I could give on to all!

=) here I go. First confession, we USE TO use cloth, I had preemie ones specially made and some S/M ones. When my boys outgrew them I joined a cloth diaper exchange and found someone to donate my stash to. The way it was suppose to work was you donated your stash of unneeded ones and you would be match with a donor for the new size you required. I thought this was an awesome way to go because I know I struggled to get my first stash. Sad part is the group owner took down the group and I was never matched, I gave a way a stash I could have sold to be able to buy my new stash and just couldn't afford to start from scratch again. So we are back to diapers! Our youngest boy will HOPEFULLY be potty trained by this summer and will be out of diapers, but my middle son is disabled and can not be potty trained (he can't feel when he needs to go). He is very tiny (size 3 diapers) and would still fit cloth diapers which we are hoping to switch to again, he just started JK and we think it would be far better to be in school in cloth than regular diapers (and thankfully his school prefers this). We just haven't been able to find the money to make the switch back, we live on a tight budget due to his medical costs and finding "extras" is hard. It would be so much easier to have a few cloth to cut down on the amount of regular diapers, the savings by cutting down would allow us to stash away some money to be able to up our collection. We absolutely LOVED cloth when we had them, the boys had almost no rashes, and if sick we just had to run a few more loads but didn't have to worry about running out during the night and having to make a mad dash for the store. Our son will also be in diapers for a lot longer than most children so it would save us a LOT of money in the long run.


To the ladies who tweeted! Thank you for your efforts and don't be discouraged! We will have lots of More giveaways via Twitter only! so you'll get to have the upper hand! ;) and We will do monthly diaper giveaways! As we want to spread the fluffy love! <3

If you know anyone wanting to donate diapers for giveaways e-mail us at InstinctualMamas@gmail.com


  1. I have kept your page open for 4 days in anticipation - Thank you sooooo much!!!

  2. =) thank you very much! LOL I actually cried when I seen I won. I am looking forward to getting back to cloth and am thrilled just thinking about the money it will save us. There are so many other things he needs so when we have our stash back up it will make an even bigger difference. Hopefully soon we'll be able to stick the savings aside and get him the specialized trike or sledge he's been begging for!