Monday, February 7, 2011

Spreading The Fluffy Love.

We all know the economy isn't well, many people struggle to get food on the table and for those with little ones, they struggle to buy diapers.  I personally experienced this early 2010, I fell on unexpected hardship and did not have enough money to purchase diapers, So I had to rely on friends to help. I did not want that to happen again so I did research and purchased inexpensive cloth diapers. Not having to budget money for diapers has been a great weight off my shoulders.

Christy is a mother of 4 who tries to find ways to save money, she cloth diapers 3! and it has been a great money saver for her.. most of her diapers have come from friends in the cloth diapering community wanting to help, as well as from small businesses such as Bummis who provided some great quality diapers so she could review them, you can read the review here..

Both of us Did it for monetary reasons and then it opened up a whole new world of being more "green" or Eco-friendly, we switched the laundry soap we used, we hand washed in the summer.. and so on.

I was watching a show on TV once with a pregnant unemployed teen in it, she had to throw at a diaper party at a donut shop in order to get friends to bring her diapers.. the whole time I kept thinking with  3 of those boxed she could have started a nice "stash" and not had to worry about diapers until baby was potty trained. Those 3 boxes were provided by one person so that own person could have done that.

A bit after I started Noticing companies like Huggies with their "every little bottom campaign" watch the touching video with their stats.. according to them 1 in every 20 women have "cleaned" the disposable diaper and re-used it.. something not as shocking if it were cloth.

Pampers also ran with a similar campaign, which I cannot find right now due to site maintenance.

While the efforts are nice and their statistics sad, we feel that a bigger difference could be made if we give cloth to those who truly need it.

Spreading The fluffy love is looking to network with small businesses, work at home moms, the cloth diapering community to help families in need by networking to swap, give new/used diapers, offer special discounts, network to "win" diapers and donate,  and build  great resource.

What we need:

Families in need.  (we need you to e-mail your story, to post when other moms offer, to keep with the page for alerts on giveaways from us or other sources)

Volunteers:  to participate in online giveaways to win diapers for those in need, to donate used diapers, to alert us of new businesses or contacts, to twitter about us, make local STFL pages for local drives to help families in you area.

Retailers: Big or small business, willing to donate  for giveaways, for review/giveaways, to mention us, to provide special discount codes, in return for ad space and traffic and of course the feeling you get when you make a difference.  This includes  cloth diapers, cloth wipes, mom cloth, detergents, wipe solutions, wet bags.

Media:  Bloggers, Vlogers, writers, news, to help get the word out to those in need.

Ideas! we need any idea you can give us, feedback, knowledge.

It's a project we are trying to do with our heart.  We are very passionate about helping families and about spreading  "the fluffy love". 

Instinctual Mamas.

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  1. Have you thought of contacting the diaper companies and seeing if they would donate their seconds-quality diapers? If you have non-profit designation they can get tax credit for their donations. That might look good to them?
    I posted it on my Facebook page. Also I'm doing the giveaway from Squishy Tushy for a $10 certificate to their store. Here is the link