Saturday, February 19, 2011


They're a good thing!

When we started Instinctual Mamas,  we wanted a place where like minded people can come share, ask, and vent.  Of course there are many places like that on FB, We used the term instinctual because we knew not everyone would fit lets say.. the "crunchy" term 100% I think it is pretty difficult to.. We are ALL learning along the way whether we are first time or experienced moms.

Instinctual Means different things to different people, but in the end it all boils down to following your instincts. Your "gut" feelings when it comes to parenting. We are very inexperienced when it comes to blogging, we have our own personal blogs Christy and I, and we also wanted to help other blogging moms like us who felt they were instinctual to get their ideas out there!  We came up with an idea of a blog roll!  We are grateful for those who jumped at the idea! But now I think we need to evolve on such idea. The blog roll moms will still have our support and we will be placing links to your blogs on our main page, As well as shout outs and tweets! 

We want the actual Instinctual Mamas Blogger page to be more than diaper giveaways, we want to evolve..
with that I present to you our latest projects..

Instinctual Mama Blogger/mompreneur of the month.  Each month we will be featuring a new mom who we feel encompasses the term Instinctual, She can be a blogger or WAHM who makes parenting with instinct and sharing valuable information that is relevant to the Instinctual beliefs a part of their online presence.

Instinctual Mama of the Month.  We know not everyone is a blogger/mompreneur and that is why we have a special recognition as Instinctual Mama of the month to you mommies who make everyday the best day for your children and families. Who are learning with us along the way and support parenting with instincts.

Both Moms will have a post dedicated to them!  Momma Blogger will be on the 1st of the month, Instinctual Mama will be on the 15th.  That way we don't have to wait so long to learn of all the great moms surrounding us!

Momma blogger/mompreneur of the month will be given interview questions that they will submit back and will be awarded with a special button for their blog and will get a featured banner on Instinctual Mamas for the month.

Mama of the month will get to write a blog on IM  Really anything goes, they can write about their road as a mom, their births, how they came to parent the way they do.  If they need help with a more structured idea we can give that to them. They will also get to have a picture of their choice as a default on the IM facebook page.

We also will be scouring all of your blogs for great posts that we will feature on here!  We still want this to be a community blog so we will try to make it sort of a  scrap book  a "scrapblog" if you may of all the great information and touching posts by everyone. If you want to make sure we know of your blog please comment below with a link to it.

If you would like to be considered please fill out this form  Instinctual Mama of the month

Spreading the fluffy love

We're working on building up Spreading he fluffy love on facebook, by doing giveaways and increasing its exposure, For now it is concentrating on scouring for deals, and giveaways, We know there are alot of great sites doing the same however this is ultimately not STFL's fate.. We are building up enough followers for it to become a network, we want enough people so that in the future people in dire need can post about their situation  and they can either get responses from cloth companies to receive donations of their seconds or we can advocate for them, or they can be seen by people like you who may have well loved but functional diapers, or may want to donate out of your own kindness to them.  In the future we want STFL to get exclusive discounts from retailers.  It wont happen overnight but we're working on it.

We hope you're as excited about these changes as we are!  We still want this to be a fun blog to follow and a fun page to participate on!  Now... if only facebook would fix the order of the posts! ..but that's out of our hands..

Tanya and Christy.


  1. My blog is A Little Bit of All of It. :)

  2. Doing a Hand Me Down Surprise baby clothes give away but didn't want to just post it on your page. Let me know if that ok or repost it.
    Thanks! Whoever Likes my post of this blog on my facebook page is entered.

  3. Just a note that when I tried to fill out the form to be considered, the "Tell us what being an instinctual mama means to you" field will only accept letters. It doesn't allow for proper punctuation like commas and periods.

    You're doing a great job with this page and I support the new directions you're taking! :)

  4. I think my blog is private right now..I'm not sure. I haven't had much time to work on it lately because I have launched a couple of my business. I'm going to pick back up on it and start talking about mommy-stuff soon. :)

  5. Thank you Joella! Someone pointed that out to me and I didn't quite understand what they mean ok.. going to have to figure out how to fix it.. meanwhile just email the answers to the for to

  6. I love the spreading the fluff love. My family has had a hard time coming up with the money needed to invest in CD's. I just recently won a few, and hope to continue to win more.

  7. What a great idea. Good luck! I will spread the word on my page so others can see what you are doing :)

  8. I have homemade inserts for cloth diaper covers that are a size XS and didn't know if that would be something you guys would want to give away to someone. I have about 6 right now. I know it isn't a store brand, but they work really well, especially as a second liner at night. I can take pictures if you like!