Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exciting Announcement for Spreading The Fluffy Love

Tanya and I have an exciting announcement for Spreading the Fluffy Love:

We have had our first donation pledged courtesy of Emily Heine of Tiny Heiney Diapers. She has generously pledged 22 diapers that we feel can be broken up and given to 3 mamas in need.

This is our very first donation and we know there is far greater need out there than just for 3 families.  It will be very hard on us to just choose 3 but know that this is just a start and we hope it is the kick off to many more donations to come.

The mission and vision of Spreading The Fluffy Love is to provide diapers to families who need them and will use them.  They are for families who genuinely cannot afford to break out of the sposie cycle. 

These families are living pay check to pay check on small incomes and are budgeted down to the last penny with nothing left over to even try to save up and buy the cheapest of cloth diapers.  My family was one of those families and if it had not been for the kindness of friends giving us diapers we never would have broken out of the sposie cycle.  Diapering 3 tushies is expensive and we really didn't have the money to buy the diapers let alone to set any aside to save up for cloth. 

What can you do?

If you are a mama in need send us an email at instinctualmamas@gmail.com telling us WHY you are in need.  Be as detailed as you are comfortable with.  We are not asking for your life story or a full rundown of your financial history.  All we ask is that you are as honest and genuine as possible. 
Some things we do need to know in order to consider you are how many kids you have and how many of those are still in diapers.  Do you have a washer/dryer in your home or do you have easy access to one (as you will have to wash daily).  If you do not have a washer/dryer are you willing to hand wash and line dry?
Do you have easy access to cloth diaper safe laundry detergent?  You cannot use any laundry detergent you want as this can ruin the diapers.  Soap residue can build up causing the diapers to stink, not absorb well and leave rashes/burns on baby's skin.  PinStripes and PolkaDots has an excellent guide for cloth diaper safe detergents.  If you look around in your area many of these are sold in natural/health stores and even stores such as Target/Walmart (depending on where you live).  Some can only be ordered online, you will just have to do some research.
We are looking for mamas who DO NOT already cloth diaper and are willing to actually USE them (not just try them, USE them) but just cannot afford to buy even 1 cloth diaper to help break them of the dependence on sposies.  Families who, if they did buy 1 cloth diaper, would have no budget for sposies for that week to cover their little ones tush.

If you are already a cloth diapering mama but know of mama in need send her our way. So please spread the word about our mission mamas.
If your little one is growing up and potty learning consider donating some of your gently used diapers to moms in need.

If you own a cloth diaper store/company consider donating your seconds, overstock or gently used cloth diapers/cloth diaper accessories to us.

Who will get these diapers?

Tanya, Emily and I will each choose 1 mom to receive the diapers.  These are gently used diapers.  There is 22 total so two moms will receive 7, one 8.  It will be random who gets what.  Each mama will have to wash her stash daily but will have enough to cloth diaper full time.  When applying please specify the gender of your little one as there are some girlie diapers, some gender neutral and a few boy prints.

We will leave this up and open for 1 week and then we will choose the moms and notify them.

In the meantime go and show some love to Tiny Heiney Diapers and let her know how much we all appreciate her generous donation.

Christy and Tanya

P.S. We will save all of the mamas information when they apply.  If you are not chosen this time please do not feel to bad as this is only the start.  We already have some good stuff in the works for future donations (hint hint, nudge nudge).  Eventually we hope to be able to help every mom who comes to us with genuine need.


  1. I finally saved up enough money to buy 3 diapers and a thing of detergent! :-)

  2. This is beautiful and such a blessing for these women.