Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Instinctual Mama of the Month : Christy K

I think we all know before we have children what kind of parent we want to be. The daydreams of perfect days and smiling babies fill our heads. We say to family members and friends things like "My child will never act like that" or "I wont ever do that." And then our sweet little angel baby is born. That's the point that everything we thought we knew about parenting goes straight out the window.

Since the day The Chunk was born I've been changing what I thought I would do as a parent to what feels right. I knew I'd try to breastfeed. And breastfeed we did. Even with doubting my supply in the beginning, even with jaundice and major blood sugar issues. How could I not give my baby the best start in life? I SAID I would try to breastfeed for 6 months. At 16 months old, he is still my little booby monster.

Before I had a son I always said "My kid will not sleep in bed with my husband and me." Wrong! When The Chunk was about 2 months old Papa Bear went out of town for a few days. The Chunk decided to have a growth spurt and I literally couldn't put him down. Every time I tried to put him in his pack-n-play he'd wake up and cry. So after hours of not sleeping, and being so tired I was crying, I curled up next to my sweet baby and we slept like that the rest of the night. Now he sleeps with us all night, every night. I don't even try to put him in his bed anymore. Every time it comes up I tell new moms how great bed-sharing is.

Have you ever wondered why you even bother getting that big heavy stroller out of the car? It's to hold all your junk because The Chunk sure wont stay in it. He yells at me til I pick him up. I was unsure of baby carriers in the beginning. There are so many styles and some of them cost so much money. Well, now I have three, and I got some material today to make another.

My curtain climber has sensitive skin. Store bought baby wipes are out of the question. We use cloth wipes. The Chunk breaks out in a horrible rash if we don't. The next logical step was cloth diapers. I tried old fashion prefolds with pins and plastic pants when The Chunk was about 3 months old. I was so scared I'd poke him with a pin that I stoped. Months went by and I started seeing these adorable pictures of babies in cloth diapers on facebook. I started asking questions and did lots of research. After months of looking at diapers I took the plunge. I am a total fluff addict now. I can't get enough fluff!

On an almost daily basis I'm awed at what my son is teaching me. He's teaching me patients and humility. I'm learning to laugh and cry from joy. He reminds me to stop and play; to smell the buttercups. He shows me how to enjoy a gentle spring breeze and watch the trees sway. I have to remind myself now to never say never. Sure enough, if I say I "wont be doing...." The Chunk will have me eating crow.

Christy K is aa 35y/o wife to the love of her life. Mother to the sweetest 16m little boy. A licensed x-ray tech, taking a break to be a SAHM. She born and raised in Southeast Texas. Enjoys learning useless information and playing with her son.

We chose Christy because she is an active member of Instinctual Mamas.. always helping and giving advice/info whenever she can. Moms like her make our online community a better place.

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