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Best Bottom Diapers Review + Giveaway

I was so excited to get the chance to review the Best Bottom Diaper System.  I know several people who use Best Bottoms and just rave about them.

The Best Bottom Diaper System was created by created by Nicki of Nicki's Diapers.
Taken from the Best Bottom Diapers website:
After years of experience, Nicki the owner of Nicki's Diapers created a new diaper taking the pros of all the different diapering systems and eliminated the cons. This resulted in the Best cloth diaper system available - trimmest fitting and highly absorbent! To help reduce early confusion and the overwhelming feeling when researching cloth diapers, the Best Bottom diapers has simplified cloth diapering while making one of the most economical systems. The Best Bottom one size diapering system is not a pocket diaper, not an all in one, not a fitted diaper and not a prefold is the best of all types!

The Best Bottom Diaper System consists of a one size adjustable waterproof shell with a wipeable inside and interchangeable snap in inserts. The shell fits from birth to 35+ pounds and you can choose from snaps or hook & loop closure.  So those who love snaps are happy and those who love hook and loop are happy too.  Its the best of both worlds. Each system comes with 3 sized inserts.  Inserts are available in Small (birth-14lbs), Medium (11-22lbs) or Large( 16-35lbs)

You can choose between stay-dry microfiber (consists of 4 layers of super thirsty microfiber topped with a super soft no-pill fleece) or organic hemp/cotton (consists of 5 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/Certified Organic cotton fleece.) for the inserts. There are even overnight inserts (consists of 6 layers of super thirsty microfiber) available to make them super absorbent diapers for overnight usage.
The shell also features double leg gussets to hold in the messes that often come with diapers.  My kids may be older but sometimes things are not as "solid" as they should be and blowouts still occur on occasion but these hold everything in nicely.

double leg gussets

The shell can be reused a few times as long as they are not soiled/dirty.  Simply unsnap the insert, wipe down the smooth wipeable inside of the shell, snap a new insert in and place back on baby.  This makes the Best Bottom System very budget friendly as you only need a few shells each day.  I believe the website reccomends 8 shells but anyone who uses prefolds/covers knows you can get buy with 3-4 for 1 baby if you wash daily.  3-4 shells plus 8-12 inserts would be enough to CD a baby FT with daily washing.  This makes the Best Bottom Diapering System one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start cloth diapering.

smooth wipeable inside

I received a snap closure shell in the Pink Giraffe pattern and 3 stay dry inserts to test out.
As always I tested this diaper on all 3 of my girls both in the daytime and overnight

I love how this diaper fits my oldest daughter, who is a skinny mini.  At almost 3 yrs old she is only 23 lbs, her almost 2 yr old younger sister now weighs a 1/2 lb more than she does!  The diaper is so slim that most would never know she has a cloth diaper on at all.  Even her "skinny jeans" still fit her with this diaper on.
The diaper preformed well overnight with her only needing 1 insert.

DD1 wearing the Best Bottoms Diaper

For DD2, who is 23 months, the diaper was great.  It fit her well too, very slim and even held up overnight with doubled inserts-she is a very heavy wetter.

Sadly, for DD3 (age 11 months) who is a Tub Tub, the diaper almost seemed too small.  All 3 of my girls wear the same size clothes even though they are different ages. DD3 is only 2 lbs less than DD1.  The diaper just didn't stretch as well as I wanted it to on her.  It was tight and left some red dig marks on her upper thighs/legs. 
It did hold everything in well for her with no leaks, I just wish it was stretchier, that is my only complaint.

*Coming soon: Pics of DD2 and DD3 in the Best Bottom Diaper. 
 I have pics but they are on my camera which was left at my
SIL's today, whoops.  We will be going back on
Tuesday and I will get the camera then or I may
take some on my phone before then to upload.

Over all I really like the Best Bottom Diapers.  I would just have to say that if your baby is on the chubby side the shells may not work as good for you.

I do plan to buy more inserts however.  I have discovered that not only do they work well the the Best Bottom Shells BUT they make the perfect inserts for other pocket diapers!  I have several WAHM pockets and big name pockets and no inserts for any of them.  I was using prefolds trifolded and stuffed inside but the Best Bottom inserts work so much better!

Best Bottom insert being used with WAHM Pocket diaper
insert fits in perfectly, I left it peaking out so you could see it.

I would highly recommend this diaper to someone just starting out with cloth diapers.  It is as simple to use as a pocket or AIO diaper but at a MUCH more budget friendly price like a prefold/cover diapering system.

Would you like to try out the Best Bottom Diapering System too?  Thanks to Best Bottoms one lucky winner will get to choose a shell in whatever color/pattern they like and 3 inserts in whichever size they would like.

Giveaway open to U.S and Canada only..

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Spreading The Fluffly Love With The Sparkle Mama

The Sparkle Mama  knows it is tough for some families to make ends meet in these times, she contacted us about donating diapers for "spreading the fluffy love"  and we are thrilled to have her as a contributor to this great cause! 

Spreading the fluffy love's mission is to try to help families in need of a financial break, families who can barely afford disposable diapers let alone the start up costs it takes to switch to cloth. If this is you we ant to help!

If you are a mama in need send us an email at telling us WHY you are in need.  Be as detailed as you are comfortable with.  We are not asking for your life story or a full rundown of your financial history (Share only what you're comfortable sharing) .  All we ask is that you are as honest and genuine as possible. 
Some things we do need to know in order to consider you are how many kids you have and how many of those are still in diapers.  Do you have a washer/dryer in your home or do you have easy access to one (as you will have to wash daily).  If you do not have a washer/dryer are you willing to hand wash and line dry?
Do you have easy access to cloth diaper safe laundry detergent?  You cannot use any laundry detergent you want as this can ruin the diapers.  Soap residue can build up causing the diapers to stink, not absorb well and leave rashes/burns on baby's skin.  PinStripes and PolkaDots has an excellent guide for cloth diaper safe detergents.  If you look around in your area many of these are sold in natural/health stores and even stores such as Target/Walmart (depending on where you live).  Some can only be ordered online, you will just have to do some research.
We are looking for mamas who DO NOT already cloth diaper and are willing to actually USE them (not just try them, USE them) but just cannot afford to buy even 1 cloth diaper to help break them of the dependence on sposies.  Families who, if they did buy 1 cloth diaper, would have no budget for sposies for that week to cover their little ones tush.

If you are already a cloth diapering mama but know of mama in need send her our way. So please spread the word about our mission mamas.
If your little one is growing up and potty learning consider donating some of your gently used diapers to moms in need.

If you own a cloth diaper store/company consider donating your seconds, overstock or gently used cloth diapers/cloth diaper accessories to us.
If you have a store selling cloth diaper safe detergent/rash creams we accept donations as well!

Who will get these diapers?

The sponsors and ourselves will  review the entries and pick the recipient(s).  This time it will be 2 moms each receiving 3 econobum covers and 9 prefolds.   Each mama will have to wash her stash daily but will have enough to cloth diaper full time.  We will leave this up and open for 1 week and then we will choose the moms and notify them.

In the meantime go and show some love to The Sparkle Mama and let her know how much we all appreciate her generous donation.

Instinctual Mamas

Monday, April 11, 2011

::CLOSED:: Tiny Heiney Review + Giveaway

Not only is the owner of Tiny Heiney extremely generous, donating enough diapers to Spreading The Fluffy Love to give to 3 mamas in need, she is also an amazing mama with a wonderful product!

Tiny Heiney pocket diaper

Tiny Heiney Offers:
OS Covers, OS Pockets with minky, suede-cloth, or cotton velour inners, OS PUL Covers, baby/toddler legs, and personalized baby quilts: pick colors, theme, and name embroidered.

She sent me both a pocket diaper and a fleece cover to review. 

Tiny Heiney fleece cover

I must say I am IN LOVE with fleece for overnights now!  I admit I was skeptical at first, I couldn't see how the material could possibly be waterproof, I thought only something with PUL added could truly be waterproof.  My oh my how I was wrong.

Not only does it hold everything in nicely, containing even my supersoaker who has annihilated so many diapers in the past (both cloth and sposies), it makes them all so soft and cuddly.  We cosleep with DD3 and the fleece cover just makes her extra snuggly at night.  One downfall of fleece, LINT!  Lint sticks to it like crazy!  Perhaps thats more a problem of my dryer than anything else though.

Plus its cute as can be.  It was meant for DD2 as we suspected a possible PUL allergy but DD1, who is very opinionated in what fluff she wears each day, has laid claims to it.  She calls it "my owl diaper" and wants to wear it every time she sees it.

The day the diapers arrived from Tiny Heiney DD1 squealed and clapped and took the pocket as she proclaimed "mine, mine, mine".  She's as addicted to the fluff as her mama is!

DD1 laying claim to the pocket diaper

I must admit it was fluffy love at first site for me too when it came to the pocket diaper.  The print is adorable and it has hidden PUL on the inside of the pocket and blue cotton velour for the inner portion that touches baby's bum-so soft!

I love the attention to detail that she gives the diapers.  When I was finally able to get DD1 to hand over the pocket diaper for mommy to see I noticed the adorable butterfly and dragonfly embossed snaps that she had included.  I have never seen these on any diapers before and thought they were adorable, and fit so well with the print too.

close up of decorative snaps-I didn;t think to take a pic of this
until after I had used the diaper for a few weeks being washed

I like to test each diaper I receive at least once on each girl in the daytime and over night so that I can give an accurate review for each.  DD1 is 2.5 yrs old and barely weighs 22 lbs and is a very light wetter.  DD2 is 22 months old, weighs 21 lbs and is a super soaker, especially over night.  DD3 is 10 months old , weighs almost 21 lbs (I imagine she is 21 now!) and is an average/breastfed wetter.

Since DD1 was so in love with the pocket I let her wear it first that night.  This was the first time I had ever had a diaper with a cotton velour inner and it was a big mistake to let her sleep in it.  She is a light wetter, which means everything is "concentrated" and sometimes the smell in the morning is enough to knock you over.  She made the diaper so stinky that I had to strip it as a normal wash did not get rid of the oder.  So I would suggest not using this over night if your LO is also a light wetter or has a strong oder in their urine.

DD1 "modeling" haha

Next I tried it on DD2 overnight, I put a microfiber insert inside and an additional booster pad as well.  I put the fleece cover over it and everything held up well.  When I say she is a super soaker I am not kidding.  All she does all day long is drink drink drink and I swear she saves it all up for nighttime. 

For DD3 it preformed perfectly overnight as is with no oder issues and no extra bells and whistles added, so depending upon your baby's "flow" you may or may not want to use the diaper overnight. 

It is perfect for all 3 during the day and I can promise you that DD1 wears it every single day so it has been washed many many times and still looks new, as does the fleece cover.  With 3 girls in diapers I have a decent stash but we still use almost every single diaper we have each day and I wash everyday as well.  So I need diapers that can take some serious wear and tear and both of these have preformed well in that area.

I think my favorite part is that they are made by a WAHM (Work At Home Mom).  I have decided I want to support the "little guy" and feel like WAHM's can make just as great a product as the big companies.  I feel good knowing that my dollars are going to support a family just like mine and not some big business's fat CEO's.  I have decided I want to focus on buying Made In America and  WAHM as much as possible.

I am very pleased with these diapers in both looks and preformance.  I plan to buy a few more (you can NEVER have too much fluff right!?!), especially a few more of the fleece covers.  I want to make my snuggle bugs even more snuggly.

Would you like a chance to win your very own Tiny Heiney OS Pocket Diaper?

Giveaway open to U.S and Canada only..

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WOW!  174 entries!

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Instinctual Mamas Want YOU!

Do you enjoy blogging?  Do you have a blog or love reading blogs and would like to try you hand at writing one?

photo credit: Erica B
Aroma Luna ⁂Flameless~Candles⁂ by Erica

Instinctual Mamas Wants YOU!

Photo Credit: Aundrea of Bug On A Rug

Weather you are an experienced blogger or a Newbie, have a huge following or none at all, we would love to play host to your work.

The topic can be anything that has been weighing on your mind lately.

We do have a few rules/guidelines we ask you to follow.

This is the most important rule of all.  We reserve the right not use submissions if we feel like they are offense or degrading to others.  We love the community we are building and welcome all mothers to join us.  One of the reasons we wanted to create IM is because we often felt out of place in other mama communities.  Not always natural/crunchy enough for the AP group and no where near modern and Ferberized enough for the Mainstream group.  We always fell somewhere in between, plucking and pulling from many different styles and applying what works for our families.  That's the beauty of Instinctual parenting, its all about listening to your instincts and doing what works for YOUR family.
We just ask that you keep this in mind and are sensitive to others.  For example, if you were to write a probreastfeeding piece please do not bash moms who choose formula, and vice versa. 

2. Try to stick to topics that highlight Instinctual Parenting:
We welcome all blog submissions but we are really looking for blogs that pertain to our parenting style and community.  So a blog about your favorite TV show may not fit here.

3. Original Work Only Please-:
We all know plagiarism is wrong, please properly quote any resources that you use and submit only material that you have written.  We are happy to host a repost from an exceptional blog post but would really love for you to write an original piece for us instead.
We also have no problems with you posting the piece you write for us on your own blog too, we do ask that you wait at least 30 days before doing so. 

photo credit: Erica B
Aroma Luna ⁂Flameless~Candles⁂ by Erica

4. Edit and Proofread:
Please edit and proofread your submission before sending.  We will read through it ourselves and correct any spelling/grammatical errors that we see but we ask that you do this before submitting.

5. Form and Photos:
We want you to include at least 1 photo with your submission.  Something that represents and is on topic with the post itself.  If the photo is not your own please link where you got it and include any credit/copyright info if applicable.  Please make sure you have permission to use the photo if it is a professional picture.
Please keep the blog easy to read and follow.  Keep paragraphs short and break things up as needed.  Posts that appear as 1 big long run on sentence/paragraph hurt the eyes and often deter people from reading them.

6. Include a Bio/About Section:
We want you to include a little min bio or about section with the blog.  Just a few short sentences about who you are., your parenting style/philosophies, etc. This is a great place to include a blog link if you already blog.  A Bio pic would be great too but is not required.

photo credit: The Sparkle Mama

We do reserve the right to edit posts as needed but we will not make any serious edits without consulting the author first.

The author must follow us via GFC as well as on FB.  This is so they will have easy access to respond to comments/questions posted by our followers.  We ask that if you submit a blog to us you watch for and reply to any questions/comments in a respectful manor please. 

We welcome respectful debates, we will not play host to petty fights, mud slinging or name calling.

Topics we would love to receive submissions on include (but are not limited to):

Exclusive/Extended Breastfeeding
Joyful Breastfeeding
Troubled Breastfeeding
Nursing Multiples
Tandem Nursing
Nursing Adopted Children
Baby Lead Weaning
Returning to work and EBF
Finger Feeding

Cloth Diapers-
Switching to cloth
The joys (or not so) of cloth
Reasons for switching
How To's for Cloth
Intro to Cloth
Different Styles/Way to Use Cloth
How to make your own

Photo Credit: Tricia Bowers-Gropper

Peaceful Sleeping-
Bed Sharing
Room Sharing
How to transition from family bed to big kid bed
Peaceful Sleep Solutions

Natural Living-
Making Green Choices
Healthy Eating Habits
Going Organic
Avoiding Food Dyes/GMO/HFCS/etc
Natural Cleaners-including how to's to make your own
How to make your own baby food
Homemade Goodies and Crafts

Attachment Parenting-
Baby Wearing
Gentle Discipline
Keeping Boys Intact

Fun Kikds crafts, art
Healthy Recipes
Fun tips/tricks of the mommy trade
Anything that tickles your fancy while remaining previlent to our comminuty.

To submit a blog please email us at  Be sure to include pictures, if you need to send in seperate emails make sure to number your emails (1 of 3-or whatever) so we can keep everything together.

Christy and Tanya