We really want to spread information about  green living and parenting out of instinct.

We will be trying to give away cloth diaper's to those who need them the most, and those who are curious about making the switch. We are doing so out of pocket, because we believe in making a change and we believe in Giving Back!

If you can or know someone who can sponsor a "giveaway" by donating cloth diapers, or making monetary contributions all to go towards the purchasing and keep-up of this page.

Please Contact  Tanya or Christy at


We are also available to do reviews.
It can be

Amber Necklaces
Diaper Detergents
Cloth Diapers
Breastfeeding accessories
Baby carriers/wraps/slings
natural baby/momma products
natural toys.

In return for Sponsoring  you will get promotion here and in both of our personal blogs, as well as a 150x150 ad space button on our main page for a month , and mentions on our facebook and twitter pages. As well as the satisfaction that you made some lucky winner happy!

We can also just sell advertising But your business/page has to meet our ideas on natural parenting for more info contact us here: (We can adjust to your budget! don't be afraid to inquire!)