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1000 Fan Giveaway Party!

We're celebrating 1000 fans! Thank you so much for your support! We want to celebrate and thank you by having a giveaway party! The Giveaway will be done at www.instinctualmamas.blogspot.com we will be using our Facebook (facebook.com/instinctualmamas) page only to notify you of each giveaway. Follow us via Goggle Friend Connect and via the Facebook Event Page to get the latest!

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If I am forgetting someone PLEASE let me know and if you would like to participate we will be taking sponsors until April 15th :) Yaay!

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*CLOSED* Bug On A Rug Review + Giveaway

I was very excited when Aundrea from Bug On A Rug approached me to do a review/giveaway.  Not only because I love to support WAHMs but also because many of her goods are made with upcycled materials she finds at local thrift stores and this appealed to me immensely.

A little bit about Bug on a Rug:
All of my items are 100% handmade (therefore each item is unique!) and 100% reusable, made from mostly recycled material. Being green can be so easy! Help the earth and look cute doing it!
All of our upcycled material comes from non-profit organizations like Goodwill Industries, dedicated to helping the less fortunate, and The Children's Boutique at Steven's Hope, which supports the families of children hospitalized at Loma Linda Medical Center. I try to use as much upcycled material as possible. The fabric and soakers in the dipes are all upcycled, the embellishments on the hooded towels are upcycled, and the cape material is all from upcycled material. The thread, elastic, snaps, aplix, PUL and towels are all purchased new for quality reasons. I really love sewing and creating new things, it's the first thing I've done that I've loved (besides parenting!! but I don't get paid for that, lol!). I want my things to be special to everyone, so I'm always happy to do custom orders!

So for the purpose of this review Aundrea sent me both a diaper and a hooded towel that she even let me pick out myself.  I chose a Veggie Tale themed diaper because we are big veggie tale fans and a Bear hooded towel for my Little Man for his birthday.  Just a few days before he expressed how sad he was that none of the "fun towels" we had worked for him anymore.  He was referring to all of our hooded towels that the girls still use.

The day of his birthday party I forgot to give it to him which was actually a good thing as it gave us something to give to him on his actual Birthday a couple of days later.  He loved it but insists it is a puppy and not a bear.  Whatever he wants it to be guess.  He has even named it, surprise surprise "Sammy Dog" which is also the name of our new puppy and just about ever dog stuffed animal he has.

The best part is he treats it as a lovey/blanket and sleeps with it every night.  It is also the ONLY towel he will use for baths so this thing see's the washing machine a lot!  Even after all of the washes its still extremely soft.  The towel has to be the softest towel I have ever felt, think of the soft plush minky type stuffed animals.  Its not minky though its fluffier but that's the only thing I can think of to describe it.  I seriously want one for myself! 
Little Man cuddling with his Sammy Dog Pillow Pet
His Sammy Dog (bear) hooded towel AND
his new Sammy Dog puppy

I think it is safe to say that everyone is in love with this towel in our house.  Even the hubs joked that he wants one, its THAT soft!  Our 2 older girls are jealous and also want one, I see some towel purchasing in our future but would like to hold out until their upcoming Birthdays which are only 2 and 3 months away.  We may have to break down and order early though.

Warning-wash alone for the first time!  It sheds a bit in the first wash, I washed with our towels and they had some lent build up on them from it that transferred onto our skin when drying off.  This only happened with the first wash though.  Our dryer has seen better days though so this may not be an issue for anyone else.

The diaper she sent was pin closure.  Something I have no experience with and it quite intimidated me.   I must admit I only used the pins once for the purpose of taking pics.  I figure it goes under a cover anyways so I don't worry too much about it.  I just lay it flat inside of the cover and secure the cover in place and it stays put perfectly.  If you plan to wear on occasion without a cover I would suggest adding the Snap/Aplix closure option to your cart for $1 more.

Monkey modeling the diaper

I am not sure if the results of the diapers may vary since they are made with upcycled materials but ours is supper absorbent.  Its does well overnight and actually takes longer to dry than the rest of my stash because it holds onto the moisture so well. I was very impressed with how well it did on DD2, she is the ultimate test for any diaper since she is a supersoaker.  She can have a dry diaper and seconds later be soaked completely through to her cloths.  That is not an exaggeration.  She often goes after bath time and its no wonder why she soaks through them with the huge puddles she leave on the floor!

As with all diapers I test I tested it during the day and overnight on all 3 girls in order to provide a thorough review.
For DD1 who is a light wetter it preformed great both in the daytime and over night.  She has strong smelling urine and sometimes can cause diapers used for overnight to retain stinkies but this diaper did well and washed clean.
For DD2, who is a supersoaker it did great in the daytime with a regular PUL cover on its own.  For night I pair it with a fleece cover the first time.  She awoke at 5sh AM crying.  There was no leaking but she was soaking wet.  The next night I added in an insert from another diaper and again used a fleece cover and she was a happy camper sleeping in until her normal time the next morning.
For DD3, who is an average wetter and a chunky monkey, this diaper did well for both day and night on her.  I could definitely never use pins on her with this even if I was experienced enough with them.   She is so super chunky it does not over lap enough to pin well.  If it had snaps/aplix it would fit but would be on the largest settings.  Did I mention she is super duper chunky?  21 lbs at 10 months!  She's nothing compared to her big brother who was 23 lbs at 9 months!

Overall I like this diaper and would feel comfortable recommending it to my CDing friends.  It appeals to me not just for its functionality but also because it is made with upcycled materials and I love supporting a fellow mama.

Bug On A Rug offers Fitted Diapers with Pin closure (snaps/aplix can be added for $1 more), waterproof trainers, hooded towels, leg warmers and reversible capes for imaginative playtime.

You can order from Bug On A Rug on her Etsy Shop BUT, you an also try to WIN an awesome hooded towel of your very own here!!  That's right, one of those adorable hooded towels for your little one to enjoy in the Froggy design. (or yourself if you want!).

If you want to try some of her other products (I ordered a pair of leg warmers from her and can't wait to get them!)

Frog Hooded Towel

Her son modeling the Frog towel
She has also offered a discount code good only for us Instinctual Mamas:
10% off everything in the store. Etsy code IMAMAS10  Enter code in at check out to receive your discount.

Giveaway open to U.S and Canada only..

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Contest will run Monday March 28, 2011-Monday April 4, 2011.  Contest will close at 11pm PST (pacific standard time) on Monday the 4th.  Winner will be announced within 2 business days.

** NOTE: Opinions expressed are my own about items that I was given free of charge.  They do not reflect the opinions of Bug On A Rug and results may vary for others.

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Mama Knows Best Eucalyptus Review/Giveaway

I was so excited when Jodi from Mama Knows Best said she wanted to send Tanya and I each a bottle of the Eucalyptus Remix to review for helping her gain some fans on FB.  All 4 kiddos were sick and all too young to use any OTC Cough/Cold medicine (not that I would really want to use that stuff anyways).

Of course, literally the day before it arrived in the mail all of the kids were better.  So I had to wait awhile in order to be able to use and properly review it. 

You never really want to wish sickness upon your kids but I felt bad for not being able to use it right away.  Thankfully Jodi has patience and I have been able to test it at least once on all 4 kids now.

First I will tell you a little bit about the Remix itself, then I will tell you about how well it worked.  I asked Jodi to send any details she would like to tell us all about her Remix and this is what she sent:

Eucalyptus remix is made with eucalyptus smithii oil which is the most gentle of all of the eucalyptus oils. If is safe for use on children and the elderly. Remix has many of the same ingredients as baby vicks but our ingredients are all natural and many of the oils are organic. It contains lavender which is good for sleep and relaxation, clary sage which is a natural anxiety reliever and it also aids in sleep. It also contains lemon oil which also acts as a natural anti depressant. I have used eucalyptus oil from various vendors but never had a gentle enough formula to use on the skin. When I ran out of the oil I bought at a fair, I started researching the effects of various oils. I always thought that when my daughter was sick she felt anxious and sad as well as congested and uneasy. I found the gentlest oils that would help my baby at bedtime. I bought some organic oils online and started playing around. She was nursing one night with a really stuffy nose and I sprayed it on a tissue and stuck it in my t-shirt. She calmed down, began to relax and was able to sleep, even though she was so sick and irritated. I decided to sell it when I saw how many parents were looking for a product like this. I use it whenever my kids are starting to feel sick and it relieves their symptoms. We use the scent swatch or massage it on their chest. I have also added it to their bath.
Just the way I like my products, all natural and safe to use on my kids!
The first time I was able to use the Eucalyptus oil was about a week after receiving it.  DD2 had a bit of a lingering cough and it was keeping her up at night.  It took me 3 nights of going in and rocking her over and over again back to sleep before I remembered the Eucalyptus Remix-DUH!
On the 3rd night around 2am I stumbled out of bed to her cries of "mamadad" (she calls me mamadad and daddy dadamom) in between coughs.  I started to go in the room when I remembered the remix.  I went and got it out of the bathroom and went into the room.  I lifted her PJ shirt and spritz a teeny tiny amount onto her chest.  I gently rubbed it in and she giggled, thinking I was tickling her.  She coughed once and breathed it in deeply.  Then she looked up at me with her sweet sweet smile and closed her eyes as if to say "ah, that's better". 
I could smell it myself, it smelled nice and I could feel it opening my airways too, even though they really were not closed.  It reminded me of that cooling sensation you get when you breathe in vapor rub only much much milder and more pleasant.
I was stunned how quickly it worked.  I rubbed her back and within minutes she was back to sleep and slept through the night.
Since then I have also used it in the same manor on DS and DD1 for coughs and DS slept with the swatch next to his pillow with some spritzed on it one night when he told me his nose was stuffy and he couldn't sleep.  Ironically he had been playing wit the swatch all day, our swatch has puppies on it and DS loves puppies.  I kept asking him to please put it away and not use it and told him what it was for.  So that night he told me his nose was stuffy and he needed to sleep with the "yummy smelling swatch".  Not sure if his nose was really all that stuffy or f he just wanted to sleep with it.  DD also plays with the swatch, yes I know my kids are odd!
My fav use, by far, for it has to be with DD3!  She is 10 months old and still going strong with the breastfeeding.  She is also my spoiled little attached baby and many times she will follow behind me as I try to do things just crying until I pick her up.  When I "finally" pick her up (usually within minutes but she acts abused as if she waited hours) she is crying so hard its hard for her to calm down.  I try to nurse her but the crying has caused her nose to stuff up and she can't breathe and nurse at the same time, which only makes her angrier and makes her cry even more.
Now, when this occurs I grab the Remix and spritz a tiny amount on my chest (like a droplet) and rub it in and she is able to latch and breathe within seconds.  This also comes in handy for the spills she has been taking lately as she explores and experiemts with her mobility and the inevitable comfort nursing that comes with those falls.
Thankfully, I have not been sick but I imagine, judging by how I feel smelling it while using it for the kids, that it will work wonders for me too when the day comes that I need it.  Spring is here so hopefully that won't be until next cold/flu season.

I personally feel this is a great product and a must have for any household with young kids.  If you have young kids you know how utterly helpless you feel anytime they are sick but yuo also know there are no products safe to use on kids under 6 (and even then I still question them!).  I love having this to rely on.

Unlike with Christy, I got the Eucalyptus remix when I very much needed it. DD#1 Had a nightmare of a cough that wouldn't let her sleep at night... I decided to try it, I sprayed it on the little piece of cloth put it inside her pillow and on her chest.. She was able to sleep comfortably and the cough stopped the next couple of nights she would ask for it calling it her "magical oil"  her cough got worse later though and the oil couldn't help then but when it comes to a small regular cough it is wonderful! 
BUT! the true test... the one that made me a believer...  behold my 1 yr old.. she is currently batting a cold.. runny nose watery eyes.. sneezing.. at night her nose is so stuffed up that the poor baby can't nurse or breathe..
Look at that poor watery nose :(

Last night it got so bad that we were frantically looking for the nose syringe.. even though she LOATHES it.. we knew it was the only way to clear her nose so she could breathe, be able to nurse and relax herself to sleep.  WE COULDN'T FIND IT!!!  We were tired, upset, DESPERATE! and I remembered I had the remix, I rubbed some on her chest and she took some deep breaths, I could hear her nose drying up and she fell asleep!  Yaaaay!  She woke up a couple of times and I just sprayed it on my t-shirt, nursed her and she was able to breathe again.. and sleep.  Some people might say that the baby pomade stuff does the same however... I always found it too strong in smell and harsh to the skin this was nice and warm and strong enough to clear her nose yet not overwhelming that all you smell in the room is that.

I absolutely loved it! It was a lifesaver and I plan on keeping my supply stocked! Thank you so much Mama Knows best for the chance to one of your many awesome products and giving one away to our fans.



Congratulations to Ashley  Comment #47


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*CLOSED* Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother-Review/Giveaway

I first heard about the book "Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother" (Istoria Books, 2009) through a link on http://www.theleakyboob.com/ The book sounded awesome and I wanted to read it, but since DD2 seems so anti-books lately I decided I should maybe pass up on buying it. 

However, once we started this blog I thought I would contact the company that publishes the book about doing a review/giveaway since it fit the ideals of our blog so well. I was ecstatic when they said yes!

The day the book arrived I showed it to my kids who immediately wanted to read it.  I read it 5 times within the first hour of it arriving. 

One of the first things out of my DS's (age 5) mouth was "Does this mean I am getting a baby brother?!"  Poor kid, he's way outnumbered with 3 little sisters and desperately wants a little brother.  He talks about "when my baby brother comes..." all the time as if its a definite that is going to happen.  So I guess he thought this book meant it was coming.

DS really loved the story, the girls loved the pictures.  Even DD2, Miss anit-book herself sat quietly and listened to the story.  She typically tries to rip the book out of my hands and run away with it when we attempt to read.  It was quite refreshing to have her sit and listen to the story for a change.

DD1 (age 2.5 yrs) and DD2 (age 22 months) both loved finding and point to the baby on each page.  They would point and say "baby! baby!"

Without giving away the entire story the book follows a little girl named Jenna as she adjusts to the birth and feeding needs of her new baby brother.  It covers a lot of breastfeeding situations, explains the facts and benefits of breastmilk on an age appropriate level and even included pumping and daddy feeding with a bottle. 

The book gives some great tips and ideas to help make the older kids feel special while you are nursing the new baby.  I really wish I had known about these before as I could have them.  If/When we have another baby I will definitely put these into practice!  My favorite was having special "Feeding Time Toys", quiet toys that only get brought out when the baby is being fed.  I think this would have saved my family a whole lot of tears and headaches had we tried it.  Anyone with older kids knows that literally as soon as you sit down to nurse they all "need" something!  They need a drink, they need a snack, they need your attention.  It never fails.  Having these special toys would help keep the older kids occupied.

I also love the suggestion about having "Special Time" with the older kids while the baby is sleeping.  I tried to do this with our kids, with some babies it worked (DD1 and DD2) but with others it didn't (DD3).  It depended upon the baby's sleeping habits.  DD1&2 were both great sleepers and would nap a lot.  DD3 is like DS and only cat naps while being held, as soon as you lay her down she's awake.

I asked the older kids what their favorite parts of the book are....

DS said:
"When the little girl wanted to feed the baby with her boobie" then he blushed and giggled.  The girls always laugh at this part too.  I ask them "can you feed the baby with your boobies" and they will giggle and say "noooooooo".

DD1 said:
"The Mommy!"

DD2 said:
"BABY! BABY!" while clapping her hands.

Our entire family enjoyed this book, even daddy thought it was cute and read through it a few times.  The kids request it constantly.  I kept it put up to keep it safe from DD2 and her book destroying ways.  DS calls it the "little brother book" and the girls call it the "baby" book.

I have read this book a lot in the last 2 weeks or so that I have had it.  So much so that I made up my own condensed version (don't we all do that with books eventually).  The girls don't care, they are happy to hear the story in any form but DS always point out to me if I am not reading it right or skipping things.  He's too smart for mommy.  The only thing negative I have to say about it is that its so long, but there is a lot of information condensed into the book and all of my kids (even the baby) sat through and listened to it each time without loosing interest.  So I guess its just too long for this mommy, sometimes you just want to read a short book.

This book would make the perfect gift for any mom expecting her 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, etc) baby.  Its a great way to help the older kids understand breastfeeding and its full of tips to help make the transition easy for everyone.

"Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother" is available for purchase on Amazon, Facebook, La Leche League and through http://www.mommybreastfeeds.com-which/ currently has a 10% off promo code posted on the main page. 

But wait, there's more....

You can enter here to try and win your very own copy of the book!  As a part of the review I agreed to giveaway the book I was given, which is why I was extra paranoid about keeping it away from DD2 and in such good shape.

Wanna Win?

Giveaway open to U.S and Canada only..

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Giveaway is open now (03/20/2011) through Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 11pm PST (Pacific time).  Winner will be announced within 2 business days.

*The publisher provided this book free of charge for the review/giveaway.  The opinions of the book are my opionons and others may not feel the same.

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Instinctual Mama of the Month : Christy K

I think we all know before we have children what kind of parent we want to be. The daydreams of perfect days and smiling babies fill our heads. We say to family members and friends things like "My child will never act like that" or "I wont ever do that." And then our sweet little angel baby is born. That's the point that everything we thought we knew about parenting goes straight out the window.

Since the day The Chunk was born I've been changing what I thought I would do as a parent to what feels right. I knew I'd try to breastfeed. And breastfeed we did. Even with doubting my supply in the beginning, even with jaundice and major blood sugar issues. How could I not give my baby the best start in life? I SAID I would try to breastfeed for 6 months. At 16 months old, he is still my little booby monster.

Before I had a son I always said "My kid will not sleep in bed with my husband and me." Wrong! When The Chunk was about 2 months old Papa Bear went out of town for a few days. The Chunk decided to have a growth spurt and I literally couldn't put him down. Every time I tried to put him in his pack-n-play he'd wake up and cry. So after hours of not sleeping, and being so tired I was crying, I curled up next to my sweet baby and we slept like that the rest of the night. Now he sleeps with us all night, every night. I don't even try to put him in his bed anymore. Every time it comes up I tell new moms how great bed-sharing is.

Have you ever wondered why you even bother getting that big heavy stroller out of the car? It's to hold all your junk because The Chunk sure wont stay in it. He yells at me til I pick him up. I was unsure of baby carriers in the beginning. There are so many styles and some of them cost so much money. Well, now I have three, and I got some material today to make another.

My curtain climber has sensitive skin. Store bought baby wipes are out of the question. We use cloth wipes. The Chunk breaks out in a horrible rash if we don't. The next logical step was cloth diapers. I tried old fashion prefolds with pins and plastic pants when The Chunk was about 3 months old. I was so scared I'd poke him with a pin that I stoped. Months went by and I started seeing these adorable pictures of babies in cloth diapers on facebook. I started asking questions and did lots of research. After months of looking at diapers I took the plunge. I am a total fluff addict now. I can't get enough fluff!

On an almost daily basis I'm awed at what my son is teaching me. He's teaching me patients and humility. I'm learning to laugh and cry from joy. He reminds me to stop and play; to smell the buttercups. He shows me how to enjoy a gentle spring breeze and watch the trees sway. I have to remind myself now to never say never. Sure enough, if I say I "wont be doing...." The Chunk will have me eating crow.

Christy K is aa 35y/o wife to the love of her life. Mother to the sweetest 16m little boy. A licensed x-ray tech, taking a break to be a SAHM. She born and raised in Southeast Texas. Enjoys learning useless information and playing with her son.

We chose Christy because she is an active member of Instinctual Mamas.. always helping and giving advice/info whenever she can. Moms like her make our online community a better place.

If you would like to be considered for Instinctual Mama (blogger or non blogger) of the month apply here


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**CLOSED** Review: Cloth Diaper Market Colorado Springs + Drybees Giveaway.

Ok, so once again, complete computerdunce, here is my picture of the random.org screen hahaha, once day  I will figure out how to do a screen shot with the computer:

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Kristine said...
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Last Month I won my choice of diaper and a wet bag from Cloth Diaper Market Colorado Springs,
I researched the choices and found The Rocky Mountain Diaper very intriguing, the reason being that it was a one size diaper and I am fan of one size diapers.. and It wasn't full of snaps!  How in the world is that possible you ask??

Well they came up with a very cool idea.. Genius if you ask me! The Elastic surrounding the legs can be adjusted from the inside!  You Pull the Elastic and secure it with built in snaps.  So You can control how big or small you want it without the snaps..  Now, if you have a baby with Chubby thighs that gets marks from other diapers especially the leak proof ones with gussets you might be thinking THAT is what I need! and yup!  I would recommend this to babies with cute tubby thighs!

They are pocket diapers so they require an insert, I like that I can throw them in the wash and they insert comes out by itself.. The inserts are sized though.. I used the Large one. 
The Diaper is VERY trim which I like because sometimes clothing fit can be affected by how bulky their diaper can get and this diaper has no issue there..

I don't have a heavy wetter, but if I did I would appreciate the fact that the pocket is big enough to hold additional inserts and the fact that you can customize the leg could potentially prevent leaks.

I liked this diaper, I  have won some diapers before that I would not purchase on my own but this one I would actually.. They have a lot of cute color combinations and I really think this diaper is unique and functional enough that it can stand against other competitors.  And really the selling point for this diaper I am telling you is the Adjustable legs!  I give this diaper an A!   Innovative, trim and customizable.

You can Purchase Rocky Mountain diapers at the Cloth Diaper Market Colorado Springs

I also won a Wahmies ALL DAY wet bag.  Let me just say these are big! Perfect for trips or to hang by your washer to hold the diapers in between washes :)  Another great use? If you UNpaper towel you can hang these in your kitchen like on the oven for example and stash your hand towels in there in between washes as well :)


Not knowing that Tanya had already won some goodies from Cloth Diaper Market Colorado Springs I approached them about reviewing their products.  The owner decided it would be a good idea to let me review the Drybee's diaper and that + the items Tanya won would be the bulk of what she sells in her store.

The day the package arrived I was so excited, this would be my first real diaper review/giveaway.  I have reviewed every diaper I have tried just because I love cloth diapers and I love sharing about them with others but this was the first time I was given a diaper with the sole purpose of reviewing it and giving one away.

Diaper + insert I used (insert not included)

Ok, now I have not been cloth diapering for awhile, only since August of 2010 and for the majority of that time it has been only prefolds and covers.  Only within the last month, through the kindness of friends, have I branched out into the world of pockets and AIO's.  Please excuse my newbness to all of these glorious new diapers outside of prefolds and covers.

So, when I first opened the Drybee's I must admit I was confused on what exactly it was and how to use it.  It appeared to be a pocket diaper as it had an opening in the back for an insert BUT it also had extra layers sewn inside like an AIO.  I googled Drybee's diapers and was still confused as it appeared that they made pockets and AIO diapers.

pocket opening with sewn in microfiber
layer showing.

I felt silly but emailed the owner of Cloth Diaper Market Colorado Springs to check with her, because I wanted to make sure I was using it righ.  She emailed me back that is was a hybrid diaper.  It was an AIO and had a soaker made of 3 layers of micro-fleece swen inside but it could also be used as a pocket with an insert stuffed in for extra protection for heavy wetters/overnight.

AH-HA!  I never even knew such a thing existed, GENIUS!  If you follow me on my personal blog you know that my middle daughter is a super soaker and its hard to find a diaper that can contain her.  The idea of the AIO/Pocket Hybrid intrigued me.

I wanted to be able to give a through review so I tried it on all 3 girls in daytime and nighttime. DD1, age 2.5 years, is a light wetter and super petite; DD2, age 21 months, is a super soaker and average in size; DD3 I guess you would say is a normal/breastfeed wetter-is that a term?-and is a super Tub Tub chunk.  They are all within 2 lbs and 5 inches of each other. 
To begin with I love the ease that the Drybee's provides as an AIO.  I love being able to grab it and just throw it on my girls. Its as simple to use as a sposie so now the Hubs can no longer use the claim that he "doesn't know how to use" the cloth diapers-poor Hubs, he may not be as satisfied with the diaper because of this-too user friendly for his tastes.
The inside lining of the Drybee's diapers are made from suedecloth which possesses excellent wicking abilities and is meant to help keep baby's tush dry.  I was very impressed with how dry it truly felt at each diaper change.  It was nice to think that the girls were not running around with wet cloth up against their tushies. 

inside of diaper

The downside of suedecloth is it does not feel as soft to the touch as some of the other materials that are used inside of pocket and AIO diapers.  This did not seem to bother my girls at all though, I doubt they even noticed.

I also love the pocket feature for those times that you need an extra UMPH! of protection.  The first time I ever used the Drybee's diaper, before knowing exactly what it was, I stuffed a prefold in it like I do with my other pockets.  That was WAY too much padding.  It made the diaper very bulky and awkward. 

Once I actually knew what I was doing I stuffed the 1 and only real insert I have (a microfiber insert) inside for DD2 to sleep overnight.  In the morning the diaper was soaking wet and easily weighed 5 lbs but her PJs and bedding were dry so this diaper passed the overnight test with my super soaker.

For the overnight test with my oldest and youngest I decided to see how well the diaper would do on its own, with no insert. 
For my oldest-the light wetter-the diaper did amazingly well on its own, no leaks.
For my youngest-average wetter-it did leak.  So I would suggest that, unless you have an older toddler, you always use some sort of insert for overnight usage.  The diaper itself is not enough for overnights.

size chart

The overall fit of the diaper is great.  I received a M, Drybee's come in size S, M and L (see size chart).  I used 1 diaper on all 3 girls and it fit each of them fairly well.  It fit the older 2 girls much better than it fit my youngest but she is a super chunk so its hard to find a diaper that fits her well.  I may also have had the tabs too tight, she had some red dig marks on her thighs from it both times that she wore it, it could have totally been a user error though and had nothing to do with the diaper itself, she could also need a larger size than her older sisters in this particular brand.

DD3 (aka Tubs) wearing the Drybee's-
look at those thighs!

The Drybee's AIO Hybrid diaper has velcro (I believe the "fancy" CD term is hook and loop) closure.  Normally I am not a velcro girl, preferring snaps because of the build up that occurs with the velcro, yet most of my diapers seem to be velcro closure, go figure.  I like that the Drybee's has wider tabs than most other velcro closure diapers out there.  I think this helps keep them in place while in the washer/dryer.  They do not always stay closed and I have had to clean out some build up in them but over all they stay closed much better than some others I have.

Washing this diaper was easy, I just washed it with the rest of my cloth diapers using the same soap and routine as I always do. 

Before I was exposed to the world of AIO diapers I was hesitant to try them because I had read many complaints from other moms about how long they take to dry.  The Drybee's AIO Hybrid did not take any longer to dry than the rest of the diapers in my stash.  I dry my diapers on medium for 1 60 minute setting and they are always dry at the end.  I did not have any problems with this diaper needing more time to dry.

Overall I would rate this diaper very high.  Its easy to use (even for the "clueless" daddy's out there), multi-functional, easy to care for, preforms well and looks adorable on my girls.  Its one of the first diapers that I reach for when all of my diapers are clean.  I also like the price ($16.50 at Cloth Diaper Market Colorado Springs) you get a lot of bang for your buck as similar diapers that I have seen can cost significantly more.

I tried to get some better "action" shots of the girls in their Drybee's Diaper but I had some pretty uncooperative subjects!

DD2 in the Drybee's w/the extra insert-back view

DD1 in Drybee's AIO-no insert-front view
this diaper fit DD1 the best of the 3.

Would you like to try a Drybee's  AIO Hybrid Diaper yourself?  Cloth Diaper Market Colorado Springs sent me 2 and I decided to use the 2nd one in a giveaway for all of you.

This M Drybee's AIO Hybrid in Butter could be yours!


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

:CLOSED: Purex Crystlas Review & Giveaway (3 winners!)

Feel free to laugh at me, I had no clue how to take screen shots with my computer so I used my phone to take pictures of each winner's random.org number.  I am a computer dunce!

The winners are.....

 roneeappleby said...

I followed Purex on FB.

Kristine said...

I already follow Instinctual Mamas on FB.



newincs said...

After setting up a GFC account, searching everywhere for how to follow you and finally finding it above (DUH LOL) I now follow you via Google Friend Connect. (Ten minutes later lol)

would probably get the one you mentioned.. Fresh Spring Water :) Hubs likes those types of things.. have been looking with interest at this product but afraid to spend money on it and hate it Would love to win and try :)

I will be messaging each of the winners shortly for their shipping address's.  The coupons will be mailed directly from Purex so please allow time for them to be sent.


In January I was chosen to be a Purex Insider meaning I would be able to test out new products before they are available for sale.  the very first product I was given to test were the Purex Complete Crystals Softeners.

Purex Complete Crystals Softener is a laundry softener like none you've ever seen or tried before.  Its not a liquid,.  Its not a powder.  It's a revelation-in crystal form
-quoted form the Purex website

I was hesitant at first, since I cloth diaper and I know its important not to put anything in the washing machine that may leave behind a residue that could build up on the diapers.  I was intrigued and decided to go ahead and try them out as the information packet enclosed said they were non-oil based and left no build up behind.

Almost all traditional fabric softeners are oil based and coat material to create the illusion of softness.  With continued use of these products the residue left behind to make clothing "soft" builds up and can actually decrease the life span of your clothing.  The build up allows dirt and other debris to stick to clothing and actually decreases the absorbability of your towels. 

This is why they are a HUGE no-no for cloth diapers.  They coat the diapers and make them less absorbent.  You cannot even use them with the rest of your clothing because they leave oily residue build up in the washing machine itself that can still transfer to your diapers. 

Purex Crystals are 92% all natural and are not oil-based.  Instead of coating the fabrics with oil to give the illusion of softness they penetrate into the fibers of the fabric infusing it with freshness that lasts weeks.  No lie, I washed some sheets with it and over 2 weeks later I can open the linen door and sniff them and they still smell fresh like they were just washed.

Unlike traditional fabric softeners the crystals are added at the beginning of the wash cycle along with the laundry detergent.  Before I started cloth diapering I rarely used fabric softener because I could just never remember to add it to the rinse cycle.  I mean, who actually has time to remember to run to the washing machine and add it in?

I was given the Fresh Spring Waters scent to try and it smells AH-MAZ-ING!  I was also given a coupon to get 1 free bottle and I wanted to try another scent so I could report on that one as well but I loved the Fresh Spring Water scent so much I got it again.  The other 2 scents offered are Lavender Blossom and Tropical Splash.  I think I will try the Lavender Blossom next.

I have been using these for approximately 2 months now.  I wanted to give it enough time so that I could honestly report that no ill effects have come to my diapers.  My diapers still work perfectly fine,  There is no indication of any build up on them, they absorb great and do not hold onto stinky oders like diapers with build up often do.

I have found you only need to use about 1/2 the amount suggested on the bottle.  The full amount was just too much for me, the smell was actually over powering.  Others may enjoy the full strength scent though.  If you use half the amount your clothes still come out smelling great and it lasts twice as long, win-win. 

Laundry days will become a happy day in your home when you use these Crystals as the entire house is filled with the scent as if you had been burning scented candles all day. They also make great carpet/furniture fresheners.  Sprinkle a small amount into a spray bottle and fill with warm water.  Shake a few times to dissolve and spray carpets, furniture, curtains, any fabric you need the freshen up.  I discovered this after the dog was left outside on a rainy day.  They covered wet dog smell quit nicely!

I have saved the best for  last though.  For the entire time I have been using the Crystals I have only used them on my actual clothing.  This week, thanks to Blissful Booty Diapers, I have discovered that MANY cloth diapering mamas (including the owner of Blissful Booty) actually use them IN the wash with the diapers.  They all report that there is no issues with build up or absorbency and it leaves the diapers smelling wonderful. 

I have no tried this yet since our diaper stash is quite small and  I diaper 3 tushies so if I were to somehow ruin some diapers it would not be good.  However, they all have nothing but positive things to say.  Catherine (owner/creator of Blissful Booty) even gave a great tip to sprinkle a tiny amount of the Crystals into the bottom of your wet bag/dry pail (or where ever you put your dirty diapers) and then on wash day dump it all in.  Keeps your dirty diaper pail form stinking AND makes the diapers smell great.  Her tip was actually the first time I learned they could be used in the actual diaper loads.

So, now that I have told you all about the wonderful uses and perks of the Purex Complee Crystals Softeners would you like to try them for free?  As a perk of being a Purex Insider I get to give away 3 bottles.  Actually its 3 coupons for a free full size bottle but still, its 100% free.  They sent me a coupon for myself as well and it was easy to use.

Giveaway open to U.S and Canada only..

Rules: Please Read carefully.. Mandatory entry must be done before doing additional entries..
YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY!  you like us on GFC 1 comment, you like us on facebook another comment.  LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL in EACH COMMENT, comments without an e-mail will be void and deleted.  I know it takes some work but it assures that the people following all the directions correctly get a fair chance.

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Winners will be chosen this Friday, March 11 and will be posted within 2 days.