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Created by two Moms who believe in Instinctual Parenting and helping others, to listen to their own instincts. Instinctual Mamas  believes in helping other like minded bloggers,present and link you to articles of interest, information about breastfeeding, cloth diapering , baby wearing, gentle parenting and all things natural for your child.

I am a stay at home mom of 4 crazy kiddos: "Little Man"-age 4 "Smunchkin"-age 2 "lil Monkey"-age 19 months "Tub Tub"-age 7 months (aka Tubby and Tubs) Obviously these are not their real names but are the names I will use to refer to each of them. How did we get blessed with 4 so close together, its a LONG story. Three are biologically ours, 1 is adopted. Two were planned two were surprises. ALL FOUR are precious gifts from our Heavenly Father and are loved more than life itself even if they are pains in the tush somedays.
She is also the Author of Adventures in Mommyhood, as well as co-founder of 3 mom's and a kitchen

Mom to a 5 yr old girl often refered to as DD#1, and a 1 yr old little firecracker girl often called DD#2 or "chub chub" , I am a rock and roll mother who loves videogames, music, fun and being a mother to my two girls, I have been on the "mainstream" side of parenting but I am now a crunchy convert. I must admit, things are much easier when you parent the natural way. The way we were made to. I am a Work at home mom. Author of Rockin Momma Blog and co-founder of 3 moms and a kitchen